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Jewelry Appraiser


"Hello, I'm Kai and welcome to my blog! I'm very excited to have you as my reader and I hope I somehow educate, inspire or maybe even rekindle some passion for the gemstone and jewellery industry for you.

I have been interested in the gemstone and jewellery industries ever since I was little. It all started with my mother, who used to create some pieces as a hobby using wire working methods. When I used to tag along to the shops to buy findings and such with her for her creations, I would always have a little pallet of my own to gather pieces to create my own jewellery. My eye for colours and their infinite combinations was always praised and sometimes even called upon when choosing new designs.

My love for these industries was not always this strong, growing up I was always interested in the technology and engineering industries instead and somewhere along the way I found myself in marketing. Leaving university straight into a marketing executive job for a small start up travel company; gemstones and jewellery were never on my mind.

This all changed however a few companies later when the managing director at the time asked me for some advice on a few investment pieces he was interested in. Since I did have some qualificiations behind my name from The Gemological Institute of America; I gave him my thoughts and opinions and I thought that was the end of it.

But, lo and behold, that little nudge was all that was needed to fester a burning passion once again before fully flurishing into this blog that you see today.

I can't wait to share with you some amazing advice, stories and a few peeks here and there into and from the dazziling world of gemstones and jewellery"

- Kai Channon, GIA AJP

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